FRDM-K22F: Debugging with External Segger J-Link Debugger

This article explains how you can connect and debug the FRDM-K22F board with an external Segger J-Link debugger.

1. Disconnect J10 and J13

From the FRDM-K22F Freedom board for Kinetis K22 Hardware document Section 13, it points out that

The debug interface on the MK22FN512VDC12 MCU is a serial wire debug (SWD) port with trace output capability. There are two debug interfaces on the FRDM-K22F: an onboard OpenSDAv2 circuit (J5) and a K22F direct SWD connection via a 10-pin header (J11).To use an external debugger, such as J-Link on J11, you may need to disconnect the OpenSDAv2 SWD circuit from the K22F by removing jumpers J10 and J13.

Therefore, to use with external J-Link debugger, we need to disconnect the J10 and J13 jumpers to disable the on-board OpenSDA debugging functionality, but instead allowing external connections.

FRDM-K22F J10 and J13 Locations

On the board we can find the two jumpers J10 and J13 connected by two jumper shunts.

FRDM-K22F Unplug J10 and J13

We can simply unplug the jumper shunts to disconnect J10 and J13.

2. Connect J-Link to K22F SWD Debug Interface

FRDM-K22F SWD Interface Location

From the FRDM-K22F Quick Start Guide pg.2, we can find out the SWD interfaced located on the board.

FRDM-K22F SWD Interface Numbering

And then, on the bottom side of the board, we can find out the pin numbering of the SWD interface.

FRDM-K22F SWD Schematic

From the FRDM-K22F Freedom board for Kinetis K22 Hardware document Section 3.2.1 we can find out the pin assignment schematic of the SWD interface.

FRDM-K22F SWD Pin Connection

So here is the pin assignment for J-Link SWD connection port, numbers in orange are the pin numbers of the SWD interface on the FRDM-K22F board.

FRDM-K22F J-Link SWD connection

You can connect these pins manually to your J-Link debugger, but the simplest way is to buy this J-Link adapter to connect them directly.

Just be careful at the direction of the connector plugging on the board as there's no indication slot for you.

3. Debugging with J-Link Debugger

Now plugin your J-Link device to your computer, and launch the J-Link Debugger program.

J-Link Debugger New Project Wizard

In the new project wizard window, click the "..." button under "Device" option.

J-Link Debugger Device Selection

In the popped up window, search and select Freescale MK22FN512xxx12 then click "OK". Then click "Next".

J-Link Debugger Connection Setting

In the Connection Setting window, select Target Interface as SWD. Type your J-Link device's Serial No which you can find on the bottom of the device. Then click "Next".

J-Link Debugger Data File

Click "Finish".

Now you have successfully connected your FRDM-K22F board with an external Segger J-Link debugger. Try load a program and start debugging.


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